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Quality Enviro Engineers (P) Ltd


The Quality Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Super Sucker Machine is designed with the latest technology and manufactured with the strictest adherence to the highest.

International standards as well as Indian standards. These Super Sucker Machines are used for desilting / de-checking sewer lines and are capable of performing all functions.


  • * Equipment filled with a high flow continuous rating vacuum blower.
  • * This machine can carry out both the operations of suction as well as jets.
  • * The operation is the same as that of individual high pressure jetting machine and individual suction machine with blow operation i.e. of Muljet and Gully Man.
  • Technical Data

    Code QEEHL
    Chassis 12-25 Ton or Customized
    Booms Heavy Duty Booms of CRC/Eq. Sheets
    Arrangement Hydraulic Cylinder of High Load Capacity, Hydraulic Pump & Others Efficient Controlling Systems to Easy Lifting of Big Size Containers From One Place to Other.
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