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An auto collector is a unique innovation to facilitate door-to-door collection of garbage and its proper disposal.

Salient Features

  • This equipment can dump the garbage on the ground, as well as directly into a collector and also in the refuse collector.
  • The capacity of the auto remover is 1.0 cubic meters volumetric capacity hopper.
  • The dumping height from the ground is 1000mm / 120mm.
  • Features
  • One system can easily handle lifting, shifting, and dumping 10/12 containers during working hours.
  • Its facilities include safe and hygienic collection, storage, and a large volume of garbage transportation with fast operation.
  • Technical Data

    Capacity 1.2 / 2 / 4m³
    Bottom 14 GMS Sheet
    Side / Top 16 GMS Sheet
    Door 18 GMS Sheet
    Tailgate Hinged Type with Locking Arrangement


  • This number of trips can be increased.
  • It is totally hygienic and thus, much safer.
  • It can easily move in narrow lanes.
  • It provides company covered transportation.
  • Multiple handling is not required.
  • The segregation of garbage can take place at the source i.e dry/wet, organic /inorganic.
  • Application

  • Small townships, city councils and big factories.
  • Direct emptying into container or into refuse collection.
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